Emerald City

Emerald City

Pantone has declared Emerald the color for 2013, something they do every year which is determined by the trend setters in the various industries that mainly work with pantones.
Emerald is a lovely color and gem and it reminds me of The Wizard of Oz, which is one of my obsessions since I was a kid and will likely be what 2013 will seem like. I put together a few pieces of items I found whether your style is classic, edgy or even more on the serious side.




Holidays are just around the corner so that means that party season is here!

You will likely be going to many parties and you will need different outfits and looks for these. I have put together a few options of different styles. Each one has a different vibe and you can use them depending on the party you attend or your mood.


Jean Crazy

Jean Crazy

This fall season brings us many trends in the jeans section. I have put together the main ones I have seen in stores and that have the most buzz. I would say it's worth having at least one piece under each of these trends because they are so much fun!

Metallics: This is a trend that comes back every holiday season, this time there are tons of jeans in these tones. Perfect for a night out and easy to dress up with some great accessories. Metallics are a go to for everyone!

Galaxy Prints: If you really want to make a statement, these are for you! I think this is a look that only certain people can pull off and when they do, it looks pretty awesome!

Florals: There is a big different with florals this season, obviously we will be seeing darker colors and bolder florals. Perfect for dressing up or keeping it casual.

Abstracts: If you are all for being different and out there these are perfect. Mixing different colors in crazy patterns, these jeans are cool for casual looks with some wedge sneakers.

Brocade Prints: Everything is brocade all round, there are many cool prints in the market under a great variety of brand. A very classy look can be put together with a pair of these!


Videotrendy: Brad Pitt for Chanel No.5

"It's not a journey. Every journey ends but we go on. The world turns and we turn with it. Plans disappear, dreams take over...but wherever I go, there you are. My luck, my fate, my fortune. Chanel No. 5. Inevitable."

There's something about watching Brad Pitt do this monologue talking about the world and how it turns and about fate, just makes me want to sigh. This is the first time Chanel uses a man as the image of their Chanel No. 5 campaign and even though it's not Nicole Kidman running in that amazing dress in the middle of Times Square (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0hcaaKhGL00&feature=plcp) or Audrey Tautou in the train with the hot stranger (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XrlFB2dKzNE) or Carole Bouquet driving among monuments (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QiaQBIj3OH0&feature=plcp), this is definitely some new and different for Chanel.

I think the final product makes it a unique commercial and well, who doesn't love hearing Brad Pitt talk about things we all wonder about making it sound like he's only talking to you. Sigh...

Outerwear Types

Outerwear Types

It is October already and the summer flew by and we didn't even notice. As we all know, this is one of the most dreaded parts of the year because fashion becomes very monotonous and the colors fade to black, black, black, blue, grey and some red and gold for the holidays. Luckily this year many designers have brought interesting trends like printed pants, some pastels for fall and some bold jeweled toned pieces that will definitely make fall and winter a bit more bearable on the fashion side.

That being said, outerwear becomes a very important part of our fall/winter wardrobe and this item can make or break your outfit. There are many amazing options out there, so I have broken them down to eight items that I have categorized as different outerwear types that I will describe.

The Classic: Traditional black with a traditional trench coat cut. Perfect for everyday wear and to keep you cozy. This is for a professional or someone that doesn't want to go too crazy and still look stylish.

The Urban: This one is for all those Kanye West girlfriend types. For the more urban and laidback girl that goes for a more relaxed look, something to throw on with your boyfriend jeans, t-shirt and heals or your very on trend sneaker wedges.

The Preppy: For the ever stylish, couture dresser, we have a black and white print stylish trench. This is for the fashionista that wants to keep warm and style her outfit from the outside to the inside. Will likely be worn with some awesome jewel toned leggings!

The Extravagant: This faux fur ombre jacket screams "Look at me!" This if for someone that wants to have the spotlight on them and that can totally rock it with some leather pants and awesome knee high boots. A very daring coat indeed for the extravagant.

The Bold: This trend is one of a kind, from the color to the texture to the shiny fabric makes it very unique. This is a trench that makes a statement all by itself so the person wearing it will definitely get some attention and looks for it. Only to be used by a daring person!

The Risk Taker: This is for the girl that does not want to look like anyone else. That only dresses unique, one of a kind pieces. This neon jacket is definitely a stretch for the season when all you see is a sea of dark colors.

The Elegant: Another classic dresser that likes to push limits a little with a pop of color. Red is a beautiful color that can be used in clothing or makeup and can give anyone confidence. This McQueen coat is perfection, mixing a nice cut and style with a wonderful color.

The Trend Setter: This if for the daily reader of Style.com and all fashion blogs. She knows what is on trend and embraces it. This cape is ideal for the season in an almost burgundy color with a lace outline in black.


Object of Desire: Brian Atwood Encanta

When you hear Brian Atwood, the first thing that comes to mind is sexiness, high high heels and colors. This brand is known for making amazing and unique shoes, always with a sensual touch. You can always see the bright bold designs used by celebrities on all red carpets.

Encanta is an open toe ankle bootie with purple, fuchsia, red and turquoise satin straps with silver buckle details with a 120mm heel. Just looking at it makes you want to sigh a dreamy sigh. Perfect for the new fall season in jewel tones, this is a treasure anyone would love to have in their closet.


Animal Couture

This is one of the most beautiful and interesting photo shoots I've seen done by ShowStudio. I love how they incorporated the couture dresses, the amazing makeup and dashing jewelry and of course the most important accessories...the beautiful little animals. This gave this shoot a totally different and unique approach.
Check out the pictures and slideshow below.


Is Spring here yet?

Is Spring here yet?

A set inspired on things that we will be seeing in the next few months with a twist. Can't wait!

Trends: Joe Fresh

Joe Fresh is a Canadian fashion label that has been growing since 2006, designed by Joe Mimran. Known for its clean lines, accessible prices, colorful style and minimalism, this is a brand that has quickly grown to the liking of the fashion world, event counting with a pop up store in New York in 2011.
One of the unique things about this brand is their business approach, Joe Fresh is owned by the Loblaw Corporation, which is one of the biggest supermarket chains in Canada. The idea of creating Joe Fresh boutiques within or around their supermarkets is very innovative, offering their customers the convenience of being able to shop from groceries to clothes all in one place and keeping it chic.

Joe Fresh is definitely a brand you will be hearing about more often, so check out their website for their unique affordable styles. 

Videotrendy: Alexis Bittar

Alexis Bittar is a very original jewelry designer. I have previously posted his collections here on the blog, I find him fascinating and he certainly makes one of a kind pieces. His latest campaign for Spring/Summer 12 demonstrates yet again his originality with a fun campaign. I am posting the behind the scenes video for this campaign and another video where you can get to know more about Alexis.

Alexis Bittar Spring 2012 Behind the Scenes from Alexis Bittar on Vimeo.

ALEXIS BITTAR - Fashion Television from Alexis Bittar on Vimeo.


Winter or Spring?

Winter or Spring?

We are almost in February, and with all the Spring Ad Campaigns being released and all the clothes popping up at the stores just makes me wish that Spring was here like now!

But the reality is that we are still faced with some cold weather still so I feel kind of torn in between both seasons because I am a total spring but I have to dress weather appropriately.

So I put together a set with what I find to be a neutral component which is the dress and two alternatives...one for my present and one for my future months! Enjoy!


Trends: Chanel Spring/Summer 2012

Karl Lagerfeld not only knows how to portray feminism, keep a legacy and surprise us with each collection. He also knows how to take some kickass pictures and has a keen creative eye for everything he touches, which makes him a Fashion Midas.

His latest campaign for Chanel Spring/Summer 2012 has simply blown me away. Not only do the models look amazing in all these photos, the whole concept of black and white and gymnastics is such a brilliant combination. In fashion we always see cute and pretty ads but this definitely is something different that shows the complexity of simplicity.


Videotrendy: Oh! My Dog

Coco Rocha is in the new ad for Longchamp's 2012 Spring/Summer Campaign. It's quirky, fun and she looks incredible as always. I don't think I'd want to get dragged by a dog around the whole city but Coco is the person to do it in style.


Tangerine Tango

Tangerine Tango

Tangerine Tango, Tango Tangerine, Tango with Tangerine, Tangerine with a Tango?

However you want to put it, you will be hearing these two words together more than a few times in a sentence so it is time to prepare all your pretty eyes and ears for these words.

Tangerine Tango is the official color of 2012 declared by Pantone!

So start looking for your tangerines and to give you a little start I am giving you some examples of different items you can incorporate in your wardrobe and jump on the tango bandwagon!