Outerwear Types

Outerwear Types

It is October already and the summer flew by and we didn't even notice. As we all know, this is one of the most dreaded parts of the year because fashion becomes very monotonous and the colors fade to black, black, black, blue, grey and some red and gold for the holidays. Luckily this year many designers have brought interesting trends like printed pants, some pastels for fall and some bold jeweled toned pieces that will definitely make fall and winter a bit more bearable on the fashion side.

That being said, outerwear becomes a very important part of our fall/winter wardrobe and this item can make or break your outfit. There are many amazing options out there, so I have broken them down to eight items that I have categorized as different outerwear types that I will describe.

The Classic: Traditional black with a traditional trench coat cut. Perfect for everyday wear and to keep you cozy. This is for a professional or someone that doesn't want to go too crazy and still look stylish.

The Urban: This one is for all those Kanye West girlfriend types. For the more urban and laidback girl that goes for a more relaxed look, something to throw on with your boyfriend jeans, t-shirt and heals or your very on trend sneaker wedges.

The Preppy: For the ever stylish, couture dresser, we have a black and white print stylish trench. This is for the fashionista that wants to keep warm and style her outfit from the outside to the inside. Will likely be worn with some awesome jewel toned leggings!

The Extravagant: This faux fur ombre jacket screams "Look at me!" This if for someone that wants to have the spotlight on them and that can totally rock it with some leather pants and awesome knee high boots. A very daring coat indeed for the extravagant.

The Bold: This trend is one of a kind, from the color to the texture to the shiny fabric makes it very unique. This is a trench that makes a statement all by itself so the person wearing it will definitely get some attention and looks for it. Only to be used by a daring person!

The Risk Taker: This is for the girl that does not want to look like anyone else. That only dresses unique, one of a kind pieces. This neon jacket is definitely a stretch for the season when all you see is a sea of dark colors.

The Elegant: Another classic dresser that likes to push limits a little with a pop of color. Red is a beautiful color that can be used in clothing or makeup and can give anyone confidence. This McQueen coat is perfection, mixing a nice cut and style with a wonderful color.

The Trend Setter: This if for the daily reader of Style.com and all fashion blogs. She knows what is on trend and embraces it. This cape is ideal for the season in an almost burgundy color with a lace outline in black.

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