Holidays are just around the corner so that means that party season is here!

You will likely be going to many parties and you will need different outfits and looks for these. I have put together a few options of different styles. Each one has a different vibe and you can use them depending on the party you attend or your mood.


Jean Crazy

Jean Crazy

This fall season brings us many trends in the jeans section. I have put together the main ones I have seen in stores and that have the most buzz. I would say it's worth having at least one piece under each of these trends because they are so much fun!

Metallics: This is a trend that comes back every holiday season, this time there are tons of jeans in these tones. Perfect for a night out and easy to dress up with some great accessories. Metallics are a go to for everyone!

Galaxy Prints: If you really want to make a statement, these are for you! I think this is a look that only certain people can pull off and when they do, it looks pretty awesome!

Florals: There is a big different with florals this season, obviously we will be seeing darker colors and bolder florals. Perfect for dressing up or keeping it casual.

Abstracts: If you are all for being different and out there these are perfect. Mixing different colors in crazy patterns, these jeans are cool for casual looks with some wedge sneakers.

Brocade Prints: Everything is brocade all round, there are many cool prints in the market under a great variety of brand. A very classy look can be put together with a pair of these!